2017 - What a year so far

THE DAY JOB - Brand new project!

In June I joined NBC Universal as the UK Continuity Manager, delivering on brand personality by way of voice with a brilliantly talented team of writers and voice artists for Universal Channel, Syfy UK, E!UK and Movies 24 - which is about to become Christmas 24!


The new business is growing well. New projects arriving before Christmas. Check out VOICE PLAY tab to find out more about the voice skills coaching for groups and individuals


New Audiobook projects with White House Sound are now available on Audible:

Wishes Under the Willow Tree by Phaedra Patrick

The Red Cobra by Rob Sinclair (ongoing series)


Treasure Island at the Minack theatre was a great success and an absolute privilege to be part of.

Taking a break now to heal some old wounds, but will be back on the boards in the summer of 2018 (all being well)


Do get in touch if you need some of these:
Continuity, Narration, Audiobooks,
Audio description, Character voices,
Corporate presentations, Advertisements and promotions

Voice coaching and character development

Recent Projects 

My name's Marston York and I'm a voice over artist and writer in London, with a home studio and growing portfolio of voice work from animated character voices to continuity and narration. 

Marston York - Voice Artist, Coach, Writer

Voice Over Representation: iCan Talk Ltd

email: hello@icantalk.co.uk

​phone: 01858 466 749 or 07850 970143

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