Marston York - Actor, Voice Artist & Coach, Writer

Acting Representation: Stagecraft Management / email: / phone: 07928 034905
Voice Over Representation: iCan Talk Ltd / email: / ​phone: 01858 466 749 / mob: 07850 970143 

My name's Marston York and I'm a voice over artist and writer in London, with a home studio and growing portfolio of voice work from animated character voices to continuity and narration. 

Working with my voice is what I do, so in 2017, I launched Voice Play Ltd. I've had a chance to work with some wonderful actors and theatre groups over the past year or so.

I am really pleased that so many people have taken an interest in the vocalisation and characterisation workshop and the feedback has been really good and very useful.

Thank you to Sarah Howard, Accessibility Manager at Park Theatre, London, for all of your support, encouragement and drive; to all the actors and voice artists, professional and non professional; to the Bromley Players, The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre, the Edward Alderton Theatre and the Bob Hope Theatre (BHT) who have participated in and helped to inform the workshops I can now deliver

It is wonderful seeing how people react to a breathing or vocal technique they hadn't considered before and how their voices change and adapt in the course of a workshop or individual coaching session

I love language and I love talking out loud. Who knew that I would be helping other people to do the same thing.

I provide voice coaching for individuals and groups in the following areas:





Vocal dexterity

Protecting your voice

Vocal Technique

Breath control

Bespoke courses tailored to your specific needs.

Recent Projects:

SARAH HOWARD/LAURA ELISABETH ASHENDEN - Voice coaching for New York and Australian (Sydney)

Working with Laura to develop strong character accents for the brilliant one-woman show, BOMBSHELLS, at the BHT in May and on the professional stage in the Summer of 2019. Accents included New York and Sydney. Outstanding performances.

2019/2020 BOB HOPE THEATRE ACTORS' COMPANY - Voice Workshops for vocal characterisation and accents

Director Allan Osbourne called me in to help his Actors develop their voice skills for his outstanding production of BLUEBIRD. This involved creative workshops to change how people viewed how they make sound – placement, breathwork, mouth shape, physicality. What a way to work on Mancunian, Glaswegian, Mackem (Sunderland) and London accents. This was backed up with individual coaching sessions and reviews during the rehearsal period. I’m very proud to have been involved.

2019/2020 EDWARD ALDERTON THEATRE ACTORS' COMPANY - Voice Workshops for vocal characterisation and accents

Director Melinda Hunt asked me to create a workshop for the EAT to help her actors work on the Galway Coast accent of Connemara in the Republic Of Ireland. We were able to build on each actor’s skills to create believable, solid Irish accents, specific to the area and the production was a great success for the theatre. Really chuffed to have been involved.